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The Church in Wales

Wales has a number of well-regarded universities. The Church touches all aspects of life through the work of its lay and ordained leaders and volunteers, based in every community in Wales. The Representative Body holds most of the financial and property assets of the Church and its staff provide services and specialist advice across Wales so that the Church’s work of mission and ministry is securely supported and well resourced. It is one of the largest charities in Wales with net assets of just over £1 billion, annual income (predominantly from investments) of around £20 million and a specialist team of around 100 staff who serve for whole Church in Wales in a variety of roles. The buildings it owns enables church members to meet together for worship, the income it generates is used to support the work of the Church in each Diocese, and the skills of the team provides valuable expertise in partnership with the dioceses and parishes where collaboration enables us to achieve more. We are at an exciting juncture with a renewed focus on missional outreach and church growth, with significant investment committed to ensuring that the Church in Wales thrives for generations to come.

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