What’s in a name?

Our name is derived from cycling and is used to describe the principle of surrounding the key rider with experts whom together perform faster than any one individual. This allows the key rider to gain performance way in excess than on their own.

Our clients are the key riders; we are The Peloton.

Who are the Peloton?

The Peloton is a dynamic accountancy and marketing firm. We are:

• Innovative – we’re revolutionising the approach to accountancy

• Highly skilled

• People-centric

• Tech-focused

We are not a traditional stuffy firm, we embrace new technology and are continually looking for innovative ways in which we can streamline our processes and our clients’.

People are the core of our business where the whole team at the Peloton enjoy the best resources that promote the best performance:

Office space – Contemporary, open-plan for easy communication

Technology – The latest computers for efficiency and mobility

Training – Continual personal and professional development programmes

Lunch – Cooked fresh every day for the team, by the team

Here at The Peloton we dig deeper than simply just the numbers. We’re passionate about getting our clients business to work smarter, giving them the professional support and advice to make informed decisions on building an efficient business.

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