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6 New Year's goals for the job seeker

5 months ago by By Robert Half on 19th January 2021

Get better sleep. Start a new workout routine. Practice mindfulness. As you make resolutions to improve your life, you might also find yourself setting some goals around your career, including exploring the employment market. But you can’t simply wish your way to a more fulfilling career. You have to work at it. To help you find a position in 2021 that matches your skills, experience and intere...

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Why developing an impressive personal presence is crucial for the modern accountant.

5 months ago by Author and practice owner Della Hudson

Like many ‘soft’ skills, the power of presence is something some seem to be born with and others need to work at. Some people walk into a room and immediately appear to own it. Others stand in a corner and wait to be approached.  But why is having an impressive presence so important? And why are accountants often so bad at it? Scott Johnston of ‘Find Your Presence’ helps accountants and other p...

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ICAEW Data Analytics Certificate: helping the profession tackle the data explosion

5 months ago by ICAEW CEO Michael Izza.

As technology continues to transform the accountancy profession, ICAEW continues to seek and embrace the new opportunities it presents.  Data is exploding. Over the past few years, the volume and depth of data that accounting and finance professionals have had to deal with have become vast. The growth of its importance has only accelerated in 2020, as we've all suddenly had to adapt to a remote...

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Digital skills gap: why analytics skills are in demand

5 months ago by ICAEW Insights

Digital transformation in many organisations has accelerated this year. The need for accountants with data analytics skills has never been higher. The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) recent Future of Jobs Report 2020 explores how automation, in tandem with the COVID-19 recession, is creating a ‘double-disruption’ scenario. The report forecasts a significant shift in tasks, jobs and skills within t...

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2021 Accounting Career Advice: New Year, New Job?

5 months ago by ICAEW Insights

If finding a new job or getting a promotion is on your New Year’s resolution list, take a look at our expert tips on moving your accounting or finance career up a gear in 2021 and find out how ICAEW Jobs can support your search. COVID-19 has caused untold upheaval to the jobs market and many, including accountants, have found themselves out of work and looking for a new role. It has also made m...

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