Starting a new job at an accountancy firm remotely

19 days ago by Claire Brandon

Remotely starting a job with a new employer may seem daunting, but technology certainly makes it easier. Sinead Byrne, Senior Consultant at Morgan McKinley interviews a new starter in a Top 15 firm about their experience. As we are all aware, we are living through unprecedented times. Those who are able to, have now been working from home for the last month which has been something of a transit...

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3 steps to stay 'visible' and keep your career on track in a changed world of work

about 1 month ago by Claire Brandon

How ‘visible’ do you really feel at work right now, having potentially not seen your managers and colleagues in months, unless via virtual contact? Whether you’ve continued to go into work or are now based remotely, the world of work has changed for us all and that’s posed challenges for many employees trying staying visible and noticed. Findings from over 16,000 respondents in the Hays Market ...

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What makes a great leader?

about 2 months ago by Claire Brandon

While management is typically about managing resources, completing tasks and getting things done, leadership is much more strategic, and very much future-focused. Effective leadership skills empower you to build trust with, influence and motivate people to achieve goals. So which attributes make a good leader? 1. Self-awareness; a deep understanding of ethics, emotions, strengths, weaknesses, n...

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Reflecting on your career during lockdown? 7 questions to ask yourself

2 months ago by Claire Brandon

During any extra free time that lockdown affords, it will come quite naturally for some to take a moment of stillness and reflect on their career – but for others, this will require a more proactive effort. But being physically away from your usual workplace for longer than ever before is a great time to consider both your current job and your future career. To get you started, here are some qu...

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Top 5 tips for Job Searching During Covid-19

3 months ago by Claire Brandon

A lot of people find themselves on the job market at the moment for numerous reasons because of Coronavirus (Covid-19). Perhaps you have been on the market since pre-Covid-19, or you have unfortunately been let go as a result. You might currently be on furliugh and placed on the coronavirus job retention scheme, which has given you a chance to look at job boards and reevaluate your career or yo...

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