2 days ago by Helen Jones

You may have lost your training agreement or job as a result of the pandemic. Emotions like shock, upset and anger are all very normal in these circumstances and many people have to go through these emotions to get to a point of acceptance. Even people with the thickest skins find rejection difficult. When something important to you is taken away, it can be very hard. Seek out the people you kn...

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14 days ago by Helen Jones

Redundancy can be a stressful and upsetting time for everyone. Even if you’ve seen it coming, it’s often a shock. You may feel anger, disbelief, embarrassment, anxiety, guilt, or that you've been unfairly treated. It's important not to deny these feelings, as they are perfectly normal. They can manifest themselves in different ways such as tension, lethargy, irritability, anxiety and a change i...

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Lessons from a crisis: Why continuous learning is key to emerging from the COVID era successfully

19 days ago by Helen Jones

Of course, the pandemic took us all – governments, organisations and individuals – by surprise. However, many of us have now moved from the ‘crisis’ phase of dealing with the pandemic, into a more considered ‘new normal’. As we navigate the bumpy path ahead, it is worth remembering that some of the long term, negative effects of the pandemic may not be unprecedented, and can be mitigated. Faili...

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How to write an effective Interim CV

29 days ago by Helen Jones

Your CV is an important document to get right. Be mindful that your CV alone will not get you the job, but it should get you noticed and hopefully get you in front of a decision maker giving you the opportunity to sell yourself. There are a few things to bear in mind when you are crafting yours: Who will be reading it? Are you applying to a recruiter advert, a role advertised by a company or ar...

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Accounting for change – are finance employers still focussed on diversity?

about 2 months ago by Helen Jones

Accountancy and finance organisations were impacted hard by Covid-19. ‘Business as usual’ took a back seat as organisations handled the immediate impacts of the pandemic and huge numbers of professionals switched to working remotely practically overnight. Priorities shifted, and areas of focus, like equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I), could easily take a back seat. Months on from our firs...

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