Inclusive Hiring: How to address bias in the recruiting process

24 days ago by Helen Jones

As organisations try to promote greater diversity and inclusion within their ranks, many hiring managers are focused on sourcing candidates from a variety of backgrounds.  In the ICAEW Diversity and Inclusion hub we bring together timely D&I resources on regulation and equality, along with our latest insights into diversity in the profession. To promote inclusivity in the workplace, companies m...

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Coding could be the key to future proofing your career

26 days ago by Helen Jones

To shine in today’s increasingly data-rich and technology-driven world, you must learn how to harness and make sense of data and what it means for the business. You need to fight the temptation to stick with familiar spreadsheet tools to manipulate data and boldly embrace front-line business intelligence tools and skills - like coding - that will enable you to perform insightful analysis quickl...

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Getting Inside the Hiring Manager’s Mindset

about 2 months ago by Helen Jones

In this article, David Clark, Operations Director at recruitment experts Headstar, shares how hiring managers approach a pile of CVs and urges you to make sure your CV is the one that stands out from the crowd. Throughout my career I have always felt for candidates trying to navigate their way through all the conflicting advice out there on how to write a CV. ‘Write a skills-based CV rather tha...

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How do accountants present transferable skills in a CV?

2 months ago by Helen Jones

Transferable accounting skills are a set of skills that can be utilised in a variety of careers. Whether you are looking to progress your career into the accounting world, or looking to break into the industry as a newcomer. There are many instances where you may need to demonstrate particular skills that might not be apparent from your career history. This can be especially so early on in your...

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How to shine when working remotely

3 months ago by Helen Jones

The impact of working remotely or as part of a hybrid team during the pandemic is having an effect on career progression and development.   By being remote and by being put into positions now where we are connecting online and effectively spending lots of time remotely, we’re missing all that nuancing, all that non-verbal communication that gives context and depth to our conversations. 15% of o...

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