The many strategic roles of the CFO

3 days ago by Helen Jones

ICAEW’s Business and Management Faculty recently published new research into the many strategic roles of the CFO. The Faculty spoke to a wide range of interviewees and distilled the feedback into eight different strategic roles a CFO can take, explaining the relevance and importance of each. To understand the CFO’s relationship to strategy we talked to a wide range of interviewees who discussed...

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Tips on how to resign professionally

10 days ago by Helen Jones

There is plenty of advice for how to land a good job, but what about how to resign professionally? Whether you’re dissatisfied with your current position, have found something better or are simply ready for a change, resigning can be stressful. Yet, resigning professionally is paramount to keeping a good reputation in the accounting world. It might seem that resigning from your job would be as ...

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5 ways to prepare for leadership

about 2 months ago by Helen Jones

Tips on preparing for a leadership role and positioning yourself effectively to seize opportunities as they arise. If you’re good at your job and keen to develop, there’s a good chance that you’ll be offered the chance to move into a leadership role at some point. Or maybe you’re actively looking to become a leader, but not sure how to best position yourself for success. While the perks and opp...

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Inclusive Hiring: How to address bias in the recruiting process

about 2 months ago by Helen Jones

As organisations try to promote greater diversity and inclusion within their ranks, many hiring managers are focused on sourcing candidates from a variety of backgrounds.  In the ICAEW Diversity and Inclusion hub we bring together timely D&I resources on regulation and equality, along with our latest insights into diversity in the profession. To promote inclusivity in the workplace, companies m...

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Thinking about your next steps and a career rethink? Guide to a career change in accounting

2 months ago by Helen Jones

The past year has been a time of change, adaptation and reflection, which may have led to a career re-evaluation or a pique in curiosity for other possibilities. There are a few steps we advise taking and questions you should ask yourself. And above all, start writing lists of all your answers and observations.   Self-assessment   What are you motivations for considering a career change? Be war...

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