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  • Nikhil Sangani, Sage & Co.

    Small but mighty: Why working for a small firm might be right for you

    • 15 May 2024
    • ICAEW Insights

    Nikhil Sangani's reflections on an unconventional route in to accountancy and working for both a big 4 and small firm.

  • CFO to CEO: essential leadership skills

    From CFO to CEO: the essential leadership skills

    • 22 Apr 2024
    • ICAEW Insights

    Many CEOs have backgrounds in accountancy, but taking the leap from the finance function to the chief executive’s chair requires a much broader skill set.

  • Matt Wilcox, a senior manager in Assurance at EY U

    Managing stakeholders to maximise your impact

    • 16 Feb 2024
    • EY Insights

    Matt Wilcox, a Director in Assurance at EY UK, shares his thoughts to help you build successful stakeholder relationships.

  • View from the top: Michael Roberts

    • 18 Oct 2023
    • ICAEW Insights

    Michael Roberts is CEO of 2020 Innovation, a training and support provider for accountancy firms. He tells us how he reached his career goal – owning and running his own business.

  • View from the top: Jack Moore

    • 18 Oct 2023
    • ICAEW Insights

    Meet Jack Moore, partner at Nottingham’s Page Kirk Chartered Accountants.

  • The changing responsibilities of a financial controller

    • 25 Jul 2023
    • ICAEW Jobs

    The responsibilities of a financial controller are constantly changing. Learn more about what a modern financial controller does in this article.

  • Man at desk looking at papers

    Why become a charity trustee?

    • 23 Jan 2023
    • Kristina Kopic, Head of Charity and Voluntary Sector, ICAEW

    Want to enhance your CV and support a cause that’s close to your heart? Then why not join a charity board?

  • What’s it like to… be a forensic accountant

    • 10 Oct 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    Laura Dymott started out in audit before discovering the fascinating world of forensics. The variety of clients and cases means no two days are ever the same – and she’s certainly never bored.

  • From chartered accountant to CFO at ClearScore

    • 10 Aug 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    From chartered accountant in restructuring, turned business lender, to the CFO of ClearScore - Guy Buckley-Sharp exclusively unpicks his unconventional career path to lead the finance team at a household business.

  • Five things you should know about being a CFO

    • 8 Aug 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    ClearScore CFO, Guy Buckley-Sharp, shares expertise learned from his pathway to financial controller of a household business exclusively with ICAEW Insights Q&A.

  • Taking on the role of ‘Non-Executive Director’… boards do need you!

    • 12 Jul 2021
    • Louis Cooper is the CEO of the Non-Executive Directors’ Association

    The role of the Non-Executive Director (NED) can be both challenging and rewarding, but it is important to know what you are getting into.

  • The many strategic roles of the CFO

    • 13 Jun 2021
    • ICAEW Business and Management Faculty

    ICAEW’s Business and Management Faculty recently published new research into the many strategic roles of the CFO.

  • Getting inside the hiring manager’s mindset

    • 13 Mar 2021
    • David Clark, Operations Director, Headstar

    In this article, David Clark, Operations Director at recruitment experts Headstar, shares how hiring managers approach a pile of CVs and urges you to make sure your CV is the one that stands out from the crowd.

  • Management Accountant: What is the role and what are you expected to do?

    • 11 Mar 2021
    • Helen Jones

    The role of a management accountant is an important one within a business. This guide looks in-depth at what it is and what’s expected from the role.

  • Financial Analyst job description

    • 9 Mar 2021
    • ICAEW

    Being a finance analyst is an important role within a business, but what is the role and what are they expected to do in it? ICAEW delves deeper in this financial Analyst guide.

  • How to shine when working remotely

    • 13 Feb 2021
    • Rosalyn Palmer, Transformational Coach and Therapist

    The impact of working remotely or as part of a hybrid team during the pandemic is having an effect on career progression and development.

  • What to expect from a Financial Controller role

    • 13 Jan 2021
    • Helen Jones

    A financial controller, also known as a ‘Finance Controller’ or ‘Comptroller’, is an important role within a business, but what is the role and what are they expected to do in it? ICAEW delves deeper in this financial controller guide.

  • In the hot seat – insights on managing a neurodiverse workforce

    • 27 Nov 2020
    • Neil Rutledge, Head of Business Development, Amberside Advisors

    I am a Director and part-owner of Amberside Advisors, a project finance advisory practice with a specialism in renewables and infrastructure projects, such as offshore wind manufacture, green gas and EV projects.

  • In the hot seat - insights into working as a Finance Lead

    • 9 Nov 2020
    • Robert Collings

    I’m currently the Finance Lead at Flux - a tech startup aiming to eliminate the paper receipt. We think it’s crazy that paper receipts still exist, so our aim is to eliminate them by sending an itemised receipt straight into your mobile banking app. 

  • In the hot seat - insights in to working as a Finance Manager

    • 6 Nov 2020
    • Egidija Albert, Finance Manager, Boots

    My name is Egidija Albert. I’m a Finance Manager at Boots UK, who are part of Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA).