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  • The 10 biggest salary increases in accountancy and finance in 2021

    • 13 Jan 2022
    • Karen Young, Director of Hays Accountancy & Finance

    The COVID-19 outbreak turned our health, personal and professional lives upside down. But now – as all sectors start to look towards the future – the outlook is encouraging, with accountancy and finance employers feeling positive about the wider economic climate and the opportunities it could bring.

  • Will remote working leave professionals out of pocket?

    • 3 Dec 2021
    • Jane Donnelly, Managing Director, Hays East of England

    The news that Google employees in the US who choose to work from home permanently may get a pay cut has understandably generated a lot of interest and comment. Pre-pandemic only a small minority of full-time employees with office jobs worked primarily from home.

  • Accountants battle soaring stress levels amidst mental health pandemic

    • 10 Nov 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    Two in five chartered accountants have admitted to feeling too emotionally drained to work, according to the result of new research timed to coincide with National Stress Awareness Day.

  • "The great resignation": Why are so many thinking about quitting?

    • 7 Sep 2021
    • Alistair Cox, CEO of Hays

    That’s it. They’ve had enough. Enough of the endless Teams calls. Enough of putting their career development on hold. Enough of feeling unsupported, overloaded, and overlooked by their employers.

  • Why the financial world is split over hybrid working

    • 10 Jun 2021
    • Matt Weston, Managing Director, Robert Half UK

    With major institutions like HSBC and Lloyds announcing large cuts to their office footprint, there has been renewed speculation across the financial world about the long-term future of the office.

  • Staying visible when working from home

    • 8 Jun 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    The term “hybrid working” is now firmly entrenched in the business lexicon, but as staff rush to tear up their season tickets to embrace the freedom of time split between working from home and the office, how can you be sure that even if you’re far from sight, you’re not far from mind when it comes to career opportunities?

  • Thinking about your next steps and a career rethink?

    • 15 Apr 2021
    • Helen Jones

    Thinking about a career change? Indeed the past year has been a time of change, adaptation and reflection, which may have led to a career re-evaluation or a pique in curiosity for other possibilities.

  • How to shine when working remotely

    • 13 Feb 2021
    • Rosalyn Palmer, Transformational Coach and Therapist

    The impact of working remotely or as part of a hybrid team during the pandemic is having an effect on career progression and development.

  • Accountancy recruitment outlook remains upbeat

    • 21 Jan 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    Despite a record hike in the overall number of UK redundancies, specialist accountancy recruiters remain upbeat for the sector, predicting an upturn in demand over the coming 12 months and salary increases buoyed by ongoing skills shortages.

  • 2021 Accounting career advice: New year, new job?

    • 8 Jan 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    If finding a new job or getting a promotion is on your New Year’s resolution list, take a look at our expert tips on moving your accounting or finance career up a gear in 2021 and find out how ICAEW Jobs can support your search.

  • How to find a new role

    • 12 Dec 2020
    • Chiumento, the outplacement, career development and leadership specialists.

    You may have lost your training agreement or job as a result of the pandemic. Emotions like shock, upset and anger are all very normal in these circumstances and many people have to go through these emotions to get to a point of acceptance.

  • Lessons from a crisis: Why continuous learning is key to emerging from the COVID era successfully

    • 7 Dec 2020
    • By Nigel Heap, Regional Managing Director, Hays

    Of course, the pandemic took us all – governments, organisations and individuals – by surprise. However, many of us have now moved from the ‘crisis’ phase of dealing with the pandemic, into a more considered ‘new normal’.

  • How to look after your mental health in a world of ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions

    • 22 Nov 2020
    • Dr Maggi Evans, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Consultant and Coach, Mosaic Consulting

    Due to the reports of increased poor mental health as a result of the pandemic, this year, World Mental Health Day seems more relevant and important than ever.

  • Desperately seeking my work mojo – last seen March 2020

    • 18 Nov 2020
    • Dr Maggi Evans, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Consultant and Coach, Mosaic Consulting

    How are you feeling? Really? I’ve spoken to lots of people recently who are putting a brave and happy face on things, but underneath, they’re struggling, they’re feeling despondent and finding it hard to motivate themselves at work. They feel as if they’ve lost their work mojo.

  • The art of meaningful conversation and how to avoid communication overload

    • 16 Nov 2020
    • CABA

    Over the last few months, the severe restrictions placed upon our civil liberties thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, have forced us to establish new ways of communicating with those around us – both in and out of the workplace.

  • What's in store for the world of work in the months ahead?

    • 10 Nov 2020
    • Carmena Wood, Managing Director, North West region, Hays

    Back in May, in the midst of lockdown, we asked employers and their employees to share their sentiments about the world of work. Now, as government restrictions continue to ease, we surveyed over 13,000 professionals in July to discover their views as we move to the new era of work.

  • What to expect from a post-lockdown workplace and how to adapt

    • 30 Oct 2020
    • Yvonne Smyth, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Hays

    As a phased return to the workplace begins to become a reality for many of us, you’ll find the workplace you’re returning to is very different from the one you left. For some, the rapid move to remote working may have been a big adjustment, but transitioning back could be an even greater challenge.

  • Reflecting on your career during lockdown? 7 questions to ask yourself

    • 20 Aug 2020
    • Roddy Adair, Director, Hays Personal & Executive Assistants

    With more severe restrictions or even a full lockdown in place, we are – once again – without the usual pleasures and distractions of seeing friends and family, or visiting the gym, pub or cinema.

  • 7 tips on how to find a job in lockdown

    • 13 Aug 2020
    • Mark Staniland, Managing Director of Hays Ireland

    Millions of people across the world have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re worried about the impact it may have on your career, or if you’ve already been affected by it, then ICEAW Jobs is here to share career tips for finding a job in lockdown.

  • Job hunting in a time of corona: 9 ways to get into a positive mindset before your remote job interview

    • 8 Jul 2020
    • Mark Staniland, Managing Director of Hays Ireland

    “I’ve never had a phone or video interview before, what if it goes wrong?” “I feel worried about the impact of the virus, what if that negatively impacts my performance?”