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  • How to bounce back from failure

    • 20 Sep 2023
    • ICAEW

    This article covers how we can bounce back from failure

  • The importance of AI skills for accountants

    • 7 Feb 2024
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Upskilling in AI is crucial to futureproofing your accounting career. Learn more in this article about the importance of AI skills as an accountant.

  • Public service rubbish collection

    Why pursue a career in public sector finance?

    • 1 Feb 2024
    • ICAEW

    Discover why chartered accountants should consider public sector finance careers and get valuable insights from ICAEW Jobs.

  • Why is ethics important for chartered accountants?

    • 1 Nov 2023
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Ethics in accounting is crucial when building trust with businesses and clients. Learn more about the importance of ethics for chartered accountants.

  • AI and accounting professionals

    How will AI change the way that accounting professionals work?

    • 13 Sep 2023
    • ICAEW Jobs

    A question that gets asked a lot is will AI replace accountants? Learn more in this article about how AI will change the way accounting professionals work.

  • How to future proof your chartered accountancy career

    • 1 Sep 2023
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Wondering how to future proof your career as a chartered accountant? This article explores the things that you can do to secure your next role.

  • How to manage your career like a pro

    • 31 May 2023
    • ICAEW Jobs

    In the last of the Careers Series Oliver Deacon discusses how to structure career thinking, get the skills you need, what matters in getting promoted, and owning your development plan.

  • Navigating career changes: How to make a smooth transition

    • 17 Mar 2023

    Are you considering making a career change? Learn how to navigate a career change and make a smooth transition to finance and accounting with our guide.

  • What is the impact of AI and automation in the job market?

    • 23 Feb 2023

    AI and automation in the job market is a hot topic. We explore the impact of these technologies and what it means for the future job market for accountants.

  • What are the benefits of upskilling employees in your company?

    • 9 Nov 2022

    With the world of work always changing, it has created challenges for companies, particularly with upskilling and reskilling employees. As a company, you want to make sure that your employees’ skillsets are up-to-date. One question you may be asking yourself is ‘are there any benefits of upskilling employees over hiring new staff?’

  • How to reduce and manage stress at work

    • 28 Mar 2022
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Stress plays a daily part in all of our working lives. Our latest blog gives you some tips and methods for how you can reduce and manage stress at work.

  • How to get promoted at work

    • 28 Mar 2022
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Getting promoted at work is not an easy task. By using some of our tips on how to get promoted that we’ve listed in this blog, it’ll help when it comes to securing that dream job you’ve envisioned since you were a child.

  • Ways mentoring can benefit your career

    • 9 Sep 2021
    • Meg Burton - CABA

    Today mentoring relationships are becoming more common amongst professional accountants. Many of them are looking for a mentor to help them develop their professional skills and achieve their career goals.

  • How to plan your career and make it a success

    • 13 Jul 2021
    • Koby Agagah

    A comprehensive career plan ensures that you are in control of your career and are making calculated decisions.

  • 5 ways to prepare for leadership

    • 13 May 2021
    • Alan Miller, ICAEW member, leadership specialist and founder of coaching website Lightning Smart

    Tips on preparing for a leadership role and positioning yourself effectively to seize opportunities as they arise. If you’re good at your job and keen to develop, there’s a good chance that you’ll be offered the chance to move into a leadership role at some point.

  • Coding could be the key to future proofing your career

    • 12 Apr 2021
    • Dr Rob Mastrodomenico

    To shine in today’s increasingly data-rich and technology-driven world, you must learn how to harness and make sense of data and what it means for the business.

  • How do accountants present transferable skills in a CV?

    • 10 Mar 2021
    • Helen Jones

    Transferable accounting skills are a set of skills that can be utilised in a variety of careers. Whether you are looking to progress your career into the accounting world, or looking to break into the industry as a newcomer.

  • How to shine when working remotely

    • 13 Feb 2021
    • Rosalyn Palmer, Transformational Coach and Therapist

    The impact of working remotely or as part of a hybrid team during the pandemic is having an effect on career progression and development.

  • 6 New Year's goals for the job seeker

    • 19 Jan 2021
    • Robert Half

    Get better sleep. Start a new workout routine. Practice mindfulness. As you make resolutions to improve your life, you might also find yourself setting some goals around your career, including exploring the employment market.

  • Why developing an impressive personal presence is crucial for the modern accountant

    • 11 Jan 2021
    • Author and practice owner Della Hudson

    Like many ‘soft’ skills, the power of presence is something some seem to be born with and others need to work at. Some people walk into a room and immediately appear to own it. Others stand in a corner and wait to be approached.