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  • The Great Resignation: everything job hunters need to know

    • 18 Aug 2022

    The past few years has seen a seismic shift in the labour market. Millions of workers globally have handed their notices in as they’ve felt disrespected and unsupported by their employers. With so many people leaving their jobs, it’s led to the emergence of The Great Resignation.

  • How neurodiversity in the workplace benefits businesses

    • 25 Jul 2022

    The conversation around neurodiversity in the workplace is changing and employers are at last starting to realise the benefits of hiring employees who work towards their goals in different ways from the perceived ‘norm’.

  • How to handle the cost of living crisis by negotiating a pay rise

    • 19 Jul 2022

    Asking for a pay rise can help ease any worries you have during the current cost of living crisis. As the current cost of living crisis continues to intensify, you may be wondering if you deserve a raise in your salary.

  • How to reduce and manage stress at work

    • 28 Mar 2022
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Stress plays a daily part in all of our working lives. Our latest blog gives you some tips and methods for how you can reduce and manage stress at work.

  • How to get promoted at work

    • 28 Mar 2022
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Getting promoted at work is not an easy task. By using some of our tips on how to get promoted that we’ve listed in this blog, it’ll help when it comes to securing that dream job you’ve envisioned since you were a child.

  • Image by Andreia Paiquadio

    Lifestyle hacks for increased focus, productivity, energy and joy

    • 22 Nov 2021
    • Rosalyn Palmer, Transformational Coach and Therapist

    As you juggle your workload, perhaps with the added stress of having to create a hybrid working pattern by working from both home and the office, do you find yourself wishing: “If only I had two more hours each day”? 

  • Accountants battle soaring stress levels amidst mental health pandemic

    • 10 Nov 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    Two in five chartered accountants have admitted to feeling too emotionally drained to work, according to the result of new research timed to coincide with National Stress Awareness Day.

  • 5 useful tips to make your CV stand out

    • 10 Sep 2021
    • Helen Jones

    A good CV is vital when applying for a job, especially in recent years with the job sector becoming more competitive than ever.

  • Ways mentoring can benefit your career

    • 9 Sep 2021
    • Meg Burton - CABA

    Today mentoring relationships are becoming more common amongst professional accountants. Many of them are looking for a mentor to help them develop their professional skills and achieve their career goals.

  • Thinking about your next steps and a career rethink?

    • 15 Apr 2021
    • Helen Jones

    Thinking about a career change? Indeed the past year has been a time of change, adaptation and reflection, which may have led to a career re-evaluation or a pique in curiosity for other possibilities.

  • Getting inside the hiring manager’s mindset

    • 13 Mar 2021
    • David Clark, Operations Director, Headstar

    In this article, David Clark, Operations Director at recruitment experts Headstar, shares how hiring managers approach a pile of CVs and urges you to make sure your CV is the one that stands out from the crowd.

  • Management Accountant: What is the role and what are you expected to do?

    • 11 Mar 2021
    • Helen Jones

    The role of a management accountant is an important one within a business. This guide looks in-depth at what it is and what’s expected from the role.

  • Financial Analyst job description

    • 9 Mar 2021
    • ICAEW

    Being a finance analyst is an important role within a business, but what is the role and what are they expected to do in it? ICAEW delves deeper in this financial Analyst guide.

  • Why developing an impressive personal presence is crucial for the modern accountant

    • 11 Jan 2021
    • Author and practice owner Della Hudson

    Like many ‘soft’ skills, the power of presence is something some seem to be born with and others need to work at. Some people walk into a room and immediately appear to own it. Others stand in a corner and wait to be approached.

  • 2021 Accounting career advice: New year, new job?

    • 8 Jan 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    If finding a new job or getting a promotion is on your New Year’s resolution list, take a look at our expert tips on moving your accounting or finance career up a gear in 2021 and find out how ICAEW Jobs can support your search.

  • Separating fact from fiction when it comes to festive job hunting

    • 13 Dec 2020
    • Mark Staniland, Managing Director of Hays Ireland

    After the ups and downs of this year, we all deserve a well-earned break over Christmas. It’s important to take this time to relax, recharge and refresh for the upcoming year.

  • 5 tips for coping with redundancy

    • 10 Dec 2020
    • CABA

    Redundancy can be a stressful and upsetting time for everyone. Even if you’ve seen it coming, it’s often a shock. You may feel anger, disbelief, embarrassment, anxiety, guilt, or that you've been unfairly treated.

  • How to write an effective Interim CV

    • 30 Nov 2020
    • Ray Nicholls - Director, EquityInterim and Founder, MyExecLoop

    Be mindful that your CV alone will not get you the job, but it should get you noticed and hopefully get you in front of a decision maker giving you the opportunity to sell yourself.

  • How to look after your mental health in a world of ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions

    • 22 Nov 2020
    • Dr Maggi Evans, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Consultant and Coach, Mosaic Consulting

    Due to the reports of increased poor mental health as a result of the pandemic, this year, World Mental Health Day seems more relevant and important than ever.

  • Accounting for change – are finance employers still focussed on diversity?

    • 20 Nov 2020
    • Karen Young, Director of Hays Accountancy & Finance

    Accountancy and finance organisations were impacted hard by Covid-19. ‘Business as usual’ took a back seat as organisations handled the immediate impacts of the pandemic and huge numbers of professionals switched to working remotely practically overnight.