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  • Where next? Newly qualified ACA

    • 5 Dec 2016
    • Claire Brandon

    The first decision you are going to have to make is whether you are going to stay in practice or move into industry. For some of you, this will be an obvious choice, but many of you will still be torn.

  • Chartered accountants: avoid the top 3 interview mistakes

    • 14 Nov 2016
    • Claire Brandon

    Interviews are something that most people struggle with. We all want to progress to the next level of our career and whether this is for an internal promotion or for an external career move, we can all improve our interview technique.

  • How to get the most out of psychometric testing

    • 7 Nov 2016
    • Claire Brandon

    In today’s highly competitive recruitment world, the fight for top talent is harder than ever. Employers are turning to increasingly sophisticated assessment methods to ensure they secure the best candidates – not just to secure high performers for the longer-term, but also to cut the costs associated with high candidate turnover.

  • Hays Gender Diversity Report 2016

    • 31 Oct 2016
    • Hays

    Studies have shown that the link between women in the workplace and a country’s economic growth is closely connected. Despite this, globally women are not paid or rewarded equally to their male colleagues and remain underrepresented in the workplace, as well as proportionally less represented in senior roles.

  • ICAEW guide to successful job search

    • 15 Dec 2015
    • Claire Brandon

    In a highly competitive industry, such as accountancy, knowing how to write a CV and basic interview techniques are not enough to succeed in securing your dream job.

  • Questions, questions, questions - interview advice for accountants

    • 7 Dec 2015
    • Claire Brandon

    Following on from the last blog on how to consider the interviewer in an interview I want to write this week on handling the interview itself.

  • Think of the poor interviewer!

    • 15 Dec 2014
    • Claire Brandon

    Interviewees tend to focus on their own feelings and trying not to mess up the interview. Let’s turn that around for a minute and think what is in the interviewers mind.

  • Five top tips to boost your finance career

    • 15 Dec 2013
    • Claire Brandon

    Practice or industry? This is the vital career decision most newly-qualified accountants face as demand increases for their skills.

  • What makes a successful Finance Director?

    • 15 Dec 2012
    • Claire Brandon

    Finance Directors are important players within a business as “key business partners”, responsible for managing a company’s financial health and long-term growth. A position which affords a typical salary of between £85K and £150K.

  • Practice or industry? The journey ahead

    • 10 Dec 2012
    • Claire Brandon

    Practice or industry? This is the vital career decision most newly-qualified accountants face as demand increases for their skills. Newly-qualified accountants are often keen to explore the opportunities available to them after qualifying, and for many this means making the move into Industry.

  • 5 tips on writing a successful CV

    • 26 Nov 2012
    • Claire Brandon

    A good CV is vital when looking for work, especially when there are numerous candidates for the same job, so what should it contain?

  • Rights of contract workers

    • 19 Nov 2012
    • Claire Brandon

    Working on a contract basis offers exciting opportunities for those in the finance sector, including increased flexibility, earnings and variety of work. But, this comes with the sacrifice of many protections afforded to those working as employees.

  • How sociable are you?

    • 5 Dec 2011
    • Claire Brandon

    In today’s current market place everyone can be found online, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, no matter what age group you are from. If you want to find a job, you need to get social!