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  • Not sure what your "desired salary" should be? Here's how to figure it out

    • 8 Jul 2019
    • Roddy Adair, Director Hays Personal & Executive Assistants

    A crucial reason why people decide to change jobs is because they want more money. Salaries are usually a key factor in our decision making when it comes to switching jobs. However, people also change jobs because they want increased responsibility, more flexibility, a greater sense of purpose or a more suitable organisational culture.

  • How to build resilience and confidence when you're looking for work

    • 1 Jul 2019
    • CABA

    Looking for a job takes a lot of energy, and if you’ve been out of work for an extended period it’s very easy to lose confidence and motivation. The key is resilience. The more resilient you are the more confident you will feel and the more productive and effective your job search will be.

  • 10 tips for an effective networking strategy

    • 24 Jun 2019
    • CABA

    Networking is one of the most effective ways to find new career opportunities, whether you’re looking for a new role, returning to work after a career break, aiming for a promotion or looking to set up your own business.

  • Why cover letters are still crucial to your job application, and how to make yours stand out

    • 17 Jun 2019
    • Jane Donnelly, Managing Director East of England

    Writing a cover letter can help your job application stand out to a hiring manager or recruiter. Taking the time to write one makes you seem proactive, as well as someone who cares for the role they’ve applied for.

  • How to stand out in any stage of your career

    • 10 Jun 2019
    • Thea Watson, Marketing Director of Hays UK & I and UK Board member

    Whether you’re trying to progress as part of a large team or one of many applicants chasing a new role, trying to set yourself apart from others can often be difficult. Here are five tips to make sure your hard work and talent does not go unnoticed:

  • How to find your balance between your career and your side hustle

    • 3 Jun 2019
    • CABA

    Are you thinking of starting a new side hustle, or struggling to meet the demands of both your full-time job and your side business? In this blog I will give you some tried and tested tips on how to strike a comfortable balance between your career and the passion project you're pursuing on the side.

  • Have gaps in your CV? Here's how to get around this in an interview

    • 27 May 2019
    • Thea Watson, Marketing Director of Hays UK & I and UK Board member

    It can be common to have gaps within your CV. Examples can range from looking after a family member or applying for a new job. You may have been travelling abroad, spent your time caring for your children, or decided to go back to education.

  • Skype to success in 10 steps

    • 20 May 2019
    • Thea Watson, Marketing Director of Hays UK & I and UK Board member

    Skype interviews have become a common feature of the recruitment process, so don’t be surprised if your prospective employer suggests a virtual meet-up ahead of a face-to-face interview. Instead, use these steps to prepare your brilliant (virtual) first impression.

  • Is this September the right time for you to move job?

    • 13 May 2019
    • Gaelle Blake, Director, Hays Permanent Appointments, UK and Ireland

    When it comes to work, the summer months offer the thrill of setting your favourite out-of-office reply: ‘I am currently on annual leave and will respond to your email upon my return.’

  • The 3 important questions you should answer in your CV

    • 6 May 2019
    • Jane Donnelly, Managing Director East of England

    Standing out from the crowd is often challenging in the job application process, especially when you are up against hundreds of other applicants. You may be wondering; how do I grab the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager. The answer is simple – it is the ability to answer these 3 vital questions:

  • Being resilient in difficult times

    • 2 May 2019
    • CABA

    There are any number of definitions for resilience, most of which refer to the ability to 'bounce back from adversity' and 'withstand stressful situations'. However, you can only do it so many times before you are exhausted and no longer have the resources to cope.

  • Managing your digital footprint

    • 30 Apr 2019
    • CABA

    Almost every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional involves a digital or online interaction. From shopping and banking to connecting with friends, learning and researching, we rely heavily on online services.

  • 2 women at desk

    5 steps to self-promote

    • 29 Apr 2019
    • Karen Young, Director of Hays Accountancy & Finance

    In order to move forward within your career, it is necessary to be your own ‘biggest fan’ and communicate to others about your skills and successes, otherwise you may find yourself stuck in a career rut.

  • The importance of setting career goals

    • 22 Apr 2019
    • CABA

    If you ask someone exactly what position they aspire to, most would be able to give you a strong, big-picture answer. Ask how they plan to do this and the cracks begin to show. Having a vision of where you want to end up is important, but of equal value is plotting a path to get there.

  • Avoid these common interview errors

    • 15 Apr 2019
    • Andrew Bredin, Regional Managing Director of Hays North West

    Interviews can be stressful situations, and you can’t beat yourself up about the odd slip up here and there. However, as part of your interview preparation, it is important to understand that a lot of the mistakes people make are both very common, and easily avoided. Put simply, the more prepared you are, the less likely you’ll be to make them.

  • Tell me about yourself

    • 8 Apr 2019
    • Pam Lindsay-Dunn, Director of People and Culture, Hays EMEA

    “Tell me about yourself” ostensibly seems like quite an easy interview question. In actual fact, quite a lot can go wrong at this stage. This is often the first question an interviewer will ask you, and your answer will inform the entire basis of their first impression. Also if you slip up here, you risk feeling nervous and derailing your confidence and flow for the rest of the meeting. That’s why it’s essential that the answer you provide is a good one.

  • The benefits of having a career mentor

    • 7 Apr 2019
    • Karen Young

    Your career mentor is someone who can help you achieve your professional goals, and give you objective advice and support. If you’re ambitious about your career a mentor can help you succeed. So why don’t you have one?

  • 6 ways to remove barriers in the workplace

    • 1 Apr 2019
    • CABA

    A recent British Heart Foundation survey suggested that a large number of socially awkward situations at work are the result of not knowing our colleagues well enough.

  • The secrets to a successful CV

    • 25 Mar 2019
    • This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 272, March 2019.

    James Reed says that if a CV hasn't hooked its reader within seven seconds, it will get rejected. Here are the secrets to an engaging, relevant job application.

  • Pressure, stress and anxiety: know your triggers

    • 18 Mar 2019
    • CABA

    It's a fact that we all experience both pressure and stress in our working and personal lives. However, research conducted by CABA indicates that stress is a growing area of concern for both ACA students and qualified ICAEW chartered accountants alike, with poor work-life balance, exam stress and career management highlighted as particularly challenging issues.