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  • In the hot seat - insights in to working as a Finance Manager

    • 6 Nov 2020
    • Egidija Albert, Finance Manager, Boots

    My name is Egidija Albert. I’m a Finance Manager at Boots UK, who are part of Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA).

  • What to expect from a post-lockdown workplace and how to adapt

    • 30 Oct 2020
    • Yvonne Smyth, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Hays

    As a phased return to the workplace begins to become a reality for many of us, you’ll find the workplace you’re returning to is very different from the one you left. For some, the rapid move to remote working may have been a big adjustment, but transitioning back could be an even greater challenge.

  • What makes a great leader?

    • 11 Oct 2020
    • CABA

    While management is typically about managing resources, completing tasks and getting things done, leadership is much more strategic, and very much future-focused. Effective leadership skills empower you to build trust with, influence and motivate people to achieve goals.

  • 7 simple ways to look after your wellbeing when working from home

    • 18 Sep 2020
    • Thea Watson, Marketing Director of Hays UK & I and UK Board member

    Working from home can bring with it a number of challenges, whether they be in-home distractions or general technology frustrations. However, it can also be an isolating and even lonely experience, especially if you are new to it.

  • Reflecting on your career during lockdown? 7 questions to ask yourself

    • 20 Aug 2020
    • Roddy Adair, Director, Hays Personal & Executive Assistants

    With more severe restrictions or even a full lockdown in place, we are – once again – without the usual pleasures and distractions of seeing friends and family, or visiting the gym, pub or cinema.

  • 7 tips on how to find a job in lockdown

    • 13 Aug 2020
    • Mark Staniland, Managing Director of Hays Ireland

    Millions of people across the world have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re worried about the impact it may have on your career, or if you’ve already been affected by it, then ICEAW Jobs is here to share career tips for finding a job in lockdown.

  • Job hunting in a time of corona: 9 ways to get into a positive mindset before your remote job interview

    • 8 Jul 2020
    • Mark Staniland, Managing Director of Hays Ireland

    “I’ve never had a phone or video interview before, what if it goes wrong?” “I feel worried about the impact of the virus, what if that negatively impacts my performance?”

  • Starting a new job at an accountancy firm remotely

    • 16 Jun 2020
    • Sinead Byrne, Senior Consultant at Morgan McKinley

    Remotely starting a job with a new employer may seem daunting, but technology certainly makes it easier. Sinead Byrne, Senior Consultant at Morgan McKinley interviews a new starter in a Top 15 firm about their experience.

  • Top 7 tips for job searching during Covid-19

    • 8 Jun 2020
    • Claire Brandon, Head of ICAEW Jobs

    Right now, a lot of people currently find themselves as job seekers for one reason or another because of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Perhaps you have been on the job market for a while or you have been let go as a result of the crisis.

  • Transform your interview performance

    • 12 Dec 2019
    • CABA

    Explore how adapting your behaviour before and during an interview can transform your performance.

  • Becoming an Interim Manager

    • 5 Dec 2019
    • CABA

    If you are thinking of becoming an Interim Manager and would like to get a better understanding of what that entails – please read on! The following points will give you a good overview of things to consider.

  • How to improve your productivity

    • 14 Nov 2019
    • CABA

    Stay on top of your to-do list and improve your effectiveness, efficiency and wellbeing with these simple, productivity-boosting tips.

  • Are you ready to retire?

    • 5 Oct 2019
    • CABA

    Retirement planning isn’t just about financial planning. A happy retirement rests on you being ready, from both an emotional and a financial point of view. While you save for retirement your entire life, there are always going to unexpected expenses that come into play that could affect your personal finance, once you’re without a regular salaried income.

  • Top tips for a successful Skype interview

    • 17 Sep 2019
    • CABA

    The option to conduct interviews remotely is becoming increasingly popular and is now common practice for many employers and recruiters, particularly due to more people working from home. Usually conducted over Skype, they’re convenient, reduce travel costs, and can save time.

  • Is it time to change jobs? How to spot the warning signs

    • 13 Sep 2019
    • Hays

    ‘It’s just a job’, is something we often say to ourselves after a bad day in the office. But is it? We spend so many of our waking hours at work that to settle for less than a job that is fulfilling, challenging and creatively and intellectually stimulating is to do yourself a disservice.

  • Seven tips to becoming more employable in 2020

    • 30 Aug 2019
    • Thea Watson, Marketing Director of Hays UK & I and UK Board member

    So, if you have realised that the time is right for you to make a change and find a new job, then the following tips will help you achieve your goals.

  • Pitch perfect - make your elevator pitch work for you

    • 22 Aug 2019
    • CABA

    An elevator pitch is an executive summary, just 60 seconds or fewer, that you can use to sell yourself. It’s one of the most effective ways to promote your personal brand and one of the simplest yet most powerful tools for any professional. Follow these simple steps to build your own interesting, memorable and succinct pitch that clearly explains what makes you unique and how you can add value.

  • Lights, camera, action: how to impress in your video interview

    • 19 Aug 2019
    • Karen Young, Director of Hays Accountancy & Finance

    Video interviews are now a necessity and they need to be taken seriously if you want to impress a prospective employer and secure a new role. For some, the perceived lack of real interpersonal interaction during a video interview can be a cause for anxiety. Body language accounts for a large part of communication, and without it the ability to express ourselves decreases significantly.

  • How to improve your communication skills

    • 14 Aug 2019
    • CABA

    When it comes to your career, communication is key. Your productivity levels, workplace relationships, and job satisfaction rely on your ability to influence and motivate others, express your values and goals clearly and give or receive feedback. If you can't communicate effectively with team members, productivity and growth will stagnate across the business.

  • Develop your career plan

    • 29 Jul 2019
    • CABA

    With a personal career plan, you can focus on what you want to do and how to get there. By working through the steps below you’ll end up with an effective plan for having the career you really want—one rooted in your key strengths and personal values, giving you a sense of purpose and fulfilment.