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  • The ICAEW guide to successful job search: The job market environment

    • 6 Jun 2022
    • Simon Gray

    In the second podcast of The ICAEW Guide to Successful Job Search series, host Simon Gray, FCA, delves deep into the job market, the roles of the different players and the 'hidden market', the place where a high proportion of job opportunities exist before ever being advertised or placed with professional recruiters.

  • The ICAEW guide to successful job search: Getting started

    • 30 May 2022
    • Simon Gray

    In the first episode of The ICAEW Guide to Successful Job Search series, host Simon Gray, FCA, outlines the four crucial elements to securing your dream finance job - environment, psychology, planning and process.

  • How to write a professional profile

    • 26 May 2022

    Writing a professional profile can be daunting, but it can give you the edge over the competition when trying to find a job.

  • The importance of building a personal brand

    • 20 Apr 2022
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Building a personal brand is essential for your accounting career. This blog dives into the subject of personal branding and why you need one.

  • How to reduce and manage stress at work

    • 28 Mar 2022
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Stress plays a daily part in all of our working lives. Our latest blog gives you some tips and methods for how you can reduce and manage stress at work.

  • How to get promoted at work

    • 28 Mar 2022
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Getting promoted at work is not an easy task. By using some of our tips on how to get promoted that we’ve listed in this blog, it’ll help when it comes to securing that dream job you’ve envisioned since you were a child.

  • The 10 biggest salary increases in accountancy and finance in 2021

    • 13 Jan 2022
    • Karen Young, Director of Hays Accountancy & Finance

    The COVID-19 outbreak turned our health, personal and professional lives upside down. But now – as all sectors start to look towards the future – the outlook is encouraging, with accountancy and finance employers feeling positive about the wider economic climate and the opportunities it could bring.

  • Will remote working leave professionals out of pocket?

    • 3 Dec 2021
    • Jane Donnelly, Managing Director, Hays East of England

    The news that Google employees in the US who choose to work from home permanently may get a pay cut has understandably generated a lot of interest and comment. Pre-pandemic only a small minority of full-time employees with office jobs worked primarily from home.

  • Image by Andreia Paiquadio

    Lifestyle hacks for increased focus, productivity, energy and joy

    • 22 Nov 2021
    • Rosalyn Palmer, Transformational Coach and Therapist

    As you juggle your workload, perhaps with the added stress of having to create a hybrid working pattern by working from both home and the office, do you find yourself wishing: “If only I had two more hours each day”? 

  • Accountants battle soaring stress levels amidst mental health pandemic

    • 10 Nov 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    Two in five chartered accountants have admitted to feeling too emotionally drained to work, according to the result of new research timed to coincide with National Stress Awareness Day.

  • What’s it like to… be a forensic accountant

    • 10 Oct 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    Laura Dymott started out in audit before discovering the fascinating world of forensics. The variety of clients and cases means no two days are ever the same – and she’s certainly never bored.

  • How to decide if a job is right for you when interviewing remotely

    • 9 Oct 2021
    • Marc Burrage, Managing Director, Hays Poland

    If you’re currently preparing for a remote job interview, you may be feeling concerned that it could be more difficult for you to assess whether the opportunity is the right one for you.

  • What skills do I need to futureproof my finance career?

    • 8 Oct 2021
    • Oliver Deacon

    The world is changing, and so is finance. In just 10 years, the sector will be unrecognisable from what it is today. Digital transformation, automation and a big data boom will see finance professionals embrace AI as standard practice.

  • Why work in public sector finance?

    • 13 Sep 2021
    • Helen Jones

    Any organisation run by the government and funded by tax-payers’ money can be classified as public sector.

  • 5 useful tips to make your CV stand out

    • 10 Sep 2021
    • Helen Jones

    A good CV is vital when applying for a job, especially in recent years with the job sector becoming more competitive than ever.

  • Ways mentoring can benefit your career

    • 9 Sep 2021
    • Meg Burton - CABA

    Today mentoring relationships are becoming more common amongst professional accountants. Many of them are looking for a mentor to help them develop their professional skills and achieve their career goals.

  • "The great resignation": Why are so many thinking about quitting?

    • 7 Sep 2021
    • Alistair Cox, CEO of Hays

    That’s it. They’ve had enough. Enough of the endless Teams calls. Enough of putting their career development on hold. Enough of feeling unsupported, overloaded, and overlooked by their employers.

  • From chartered accountant to CFO at ClearScore

    • 10 Aug 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    From chartered accountant in restructuring, turned business lender, to the CFO of ClearScore - Guy Buckley-Sharp exclusively unpicks his unconventional career path to lead the finance team at a household business.

  • Five things you should know about being a CFO

    • 8 Aug 2021
    • ICAEW Insights

    ClearScore CFO, Guy Buckley-Sharp, shares expertise learned from his pathway to financial controller of a household business exclusively with ICAEW Insights Q&A.

  • How to plan your career and make it a success

    • 13 Jul 2021
    • Koby Agagah

    A comprehensive career plan ensures that you are in control of your career and are making calculated decisions.