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  • FO to CEO: essential leadership skills

    From CFO to CEO: the essential leadership skills

    • 22 Apr 2024
    • ICAEW Insights

    Many CEOs have backgrounds in accountancy, but taking the leap from the finance function to the chief executive’s chair requires a much broader skill set.

  • Jamie Gill head shot

    A view from the top: Jamie Gill

    • 23 Feb 2024
    • ICAEW Insights

    We meet chartered accountant Jamie Gill, who has devised a programme to help professionals of colour from outside the fashion industry break into leadership roles in the sector.

  • Matt Wilcox, a senior manager in Assurance at EY U

    Managing stakeholders to maximise your impact

    • 16 Feb 2024
    • EY Insights

    Matt Wilcox, a Director in Assurance at EY UK, shares his thoughts to help you build successful stakeholder relationships.

  • Michael Izza, Chief Executive of ICAEW

    View from the top: Michael Izza

    • 5 Feb 2024
    • ICAEW Insights

    Michael Izza, Chief Executive of ICAEW since 2006, will retire from the role at the end of March. He tells us what his inspirational and diverse career has taught him about the foundations for success.

  • Bella

    Finding balance during busy season

    • 16 Jan 2024
    • Ernst & Young LLP (EY UK)

    There are times when we all find ourselves juggling our work-life balance. Bella Bassindale, Senior Manager in Assurance at Ernst & Young LLP (EY UK), shares her perspective of the importance of communication and flexibility as a working parent.

  • How to bounce back from failure

    • 20 Sep 2023
    • ICAEW

    This article covers how we can bounce back from failure

  • Alex Parker, a technical director in Assurance at

    Neurodiversity and navigating a career in audit

    • 18 Mar 2024
    • Ernst & Young LLP (EY UK)

    Meet Alex Parker (he/him), a technical director in Assurance at EY UK. He leads a transformation project that enhances auditors’ ability to detect fraud. He is also neurodivergent. Learn more about his journey, as well as his tips for navigating a career in Audit as neurodivergent person.

  • The importance of AI skills for accountants

    • 7 Feb 2024
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Upskilling in AI is crucial to futureproofing your accounting career. Learn more in this article about the importance of AI skills as an accountant.

  • Public service rubbish collection

    Why pursue a career in public sector finance?

    • 1 Feb 2024
    • ICAEW

    Discover why chartered accountants should consider public sector finance careers and get valuable insights from ICAEW Jobs.

  • three women at desk shaking hands over a computer

    5 reasons to use ICAEW Jobs

    • 1 Dec 2023
    • ICAEW

    In a shifting recruitment market, ICAEW Jobs offers a direct route to ACA qualified candidates – and it’s free for member firms and Authorised Training Employers.

  • man interviewing and shaking hand smiling

    “Why do you want this job?” – The best way to answer this question

    • 1 Dec 2023
    • Marc Burrage - Regional Managing Director for Hays

    If you have an interview coming up, get ready to be asked why you want the job. Follow our expert advice to turn this potential pitfall into an opportunity to shine.

  • The difference between internal and external audit roles

    • 13 Nov 2023
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Professionals working in auditing fall into two camps, internal and external. Learn more about the difference between internal and external audit roles.

  • Why is ethics important for chartered accountants?

    • 1 Nov 2023
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Ethics in accounting is crucial when building trust with businesses and clients. Learn more about the importance of ethics for chartered accountants.

  • View from the top: Michael Roberts

    • 18 Oct 2023
    • ICAEW Insights

    Michael Roberts is CEO of 2020 Innovation, a training and support provider for accountancy firms. He tells us how he reached his career goal – owning and running his own business.

  • View from the top: Jack Moore

    • 18 Oct 2023
    • ICAEW Insights

    Meet Jack Moore, partner at Nottingham’s Page Kirk Chartered Accountants.

  • AI and accounting professionals

    How will AI change the way that accounting professionals work?

    • 13 Sep 2023
    • ICAEW Jobs

    A question that gets asked a lot is will AI replace accountants? Learn more in this article about how AI will change the way accounting professionals work.

  • How to future proof your chartered accountancy career

    • 1 Sep 2023
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Wondering how to future proof your career as a chartered accountant? This article explores the things that you can do to secure your next role.

  • The changing responsibilities of a financial controller

    • 25 Jul 2023
    • ICAEW Jobs

    The responsibilities of a financial controller are constantly changing. Learn more about what a modern financial controller does in this article.

  • What skills do you need to become a Financial Analyst?

    • 11 Jul 2023
    • ICAEW Jobs

    Looking to become a financial analyst? Learn more about what skills you need to become a financial analyst with our guide.

  • How to manage your career like a pro

    • 31 May 2023
    • ICAEW Jobs

    In the last of the Careers Series Oliver Deacon discusses how to structure career thinking, get the skills you need, what matters in getting promoted, and owning your development plan.