Skype to success in 10 steps

6 days ago by Claire Brandon

Skype interviews have become a common feature of the recruitment process, so don’t be surprised if your prospective employer suggests a virtual meet-up ahead of a face-to-face interview. Instead, use these steps to prepare your brilliant (virtual) first impression. 1. Set the scene First and foremost, think about where you are going to have your Skype interview – your home office? Your bedroom?...

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Is this September the right time for you to move job?

13 days ago by Claire Brandon

When it comes to work, the summer months offer the thrill of setting your favourite out-of-office reply: ‘I am currently on annual leave and will respond to your email upon my return.’ Of course, after your holiday you should return refreshed and ready to tackle whatever your inbox throws at you. But what if the thought of returning to work fills you with dread, and the typical end-of-holiday b...

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The 3 important questions you should answer in your CV

20 days ago by Claire Brandon

Standing out from the crowd is often challenging in the job application process, especially when you are up against hundreds of other applicants. You may be wondering; how do I grab the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager. The answer is simple – it is the ability to answer these 3 vital questions: 1. What interests you about this job, company, and industry? 2. What value can you bring ...

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5 steps to self-promote

26 days ago by Claire Brandon

In order to move forward within your career, it is necessary to be your own ‘biggest fan’ and communicate to others about your skills and successes, otherwise you may find yourself stuck in a career rut. Everyone has the right to communicate their career ambitions, and so if you’re not granted it, ask for it! This means insisting that your manager arranges routine performance reviews with you, ...

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The importance of setting career goals

about 1 month ago by Claire Brandon

If you ask someone exactly what position they aspire to, most would be able to give you a strong, big-picture answer. Ask how they plan to do this and the cracks begin to show. Having a vision of where you want to end up is important, but of equal value is plotting a path to get there. Investing time and effort into understanding how you can live your impossible dream will be less daunting if p...

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