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Lifestyle hacks for increased focus, productivity, energy and joy

9 days ago by By Rosalyn Palmer, Transformational Coach and Therapist

As you juggle your workload, perhaps with the added stress of having to create a hybrid working pattern by working from both home and the office, do you find yourself wishing: “If only I had two more hours each day”?  Creating a balance between the hours spent at different work environments and doing things just for yourself can seem impossible, while the very act of trying to attain it can lea...

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Accountants battle soaring stress levels amidst mental health pandemic

23 days ago by ICAEW Insights

Two in five chartered accountants have admitted to feeling too emotionally drained to work, according to the result of new research timed to coincide with National Stress Awareness Day, which shows many feel isolated and unable to speak about their feelings. The study conducted by CABA, the wellbeing charity for chartered accountants, paints an alarming picture of stress levels across the profe...

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What’s it like to… be a forensic accountant

about 1 month ago by ICAEW Insights

Laura Dymott started out in audit before discovering the fascinating world of forensics. The variety of clients and cases means no two days are ever the same – and she’s certainly never bored Like many ACA students, Laura Dymott began her career as an audit trainee. “At university I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do, but I found out about the ACA qualification at a careers fair and tho...

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How to decide if a job is right for you when interviewing remotely

about 2 months ago by By Marc Burrage, Managing Director, Hays Poland

If you’re currently preparing for a remote job interview, you may be feeling concerned that it could be more difficult for you to assess whether the opportunity is the right one for you. After all, when interviewing remotely, you won’t have the opportunity to meet the people you’ll be working with face-to-face, visit the organisation’s offices and generally get a feel for the place. But it is p...

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What Skills do I Need to Futureproof My Finance Career?

2 months ago by Oliver Deacon

The world is changing, and so is finance. In just 10 years, the sector will be unrecognisable from what it is today. Digital transformation, automation and a big data boom will see finance professionals embrace AI as standard practice, and many of today’s finance roles will no longer exist. Sounds scary. But it’s not if you know where things are going so you can prepare to stay relevant and dev...

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