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The recruitment evolution

Written by: Matthew Lawford - AJ Chambers Recruitment Ltd
Published on: 12 Mar 2021

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Practice recruitment specialist Matthew Lawford of AJ Chambers gives us insight into key considerations for recruiting in the current market. 

New Workforce  

The UK workforce is now made up of over 50% of Millennials and Gen-Z’s and they are having a huge impact on ways of working . They are turning traditional expectations on their head and expect more flexibility in their approach. Companies are adapting to this new way of work and it’s a major attraction for many candidates. Whether it’s starting late and finishing early for childcare or working from home, people care more than ever about when and where they can work. While salary and position remain important considerations, employees are increasingly conscious of what company benefits supplement the offer. Job searches also increasingly encompass issues like diversity, sustainability and how tech savvy the hiring company is. Your company branding plays an integral role in communicating your culture and values not only to your clients, but also to prospective employees. 

Digital Shift 

There has been an obvious digital shift in recruitment which has the benefit of saving time and money as well as opening up more opportunity. If you effectively use the tools available, you are able to connect with an infinite pool of  prospects at the touch of a button. Social media is an integral recruitment tool. Technology has, particularly over the last year, become an essential part of the selection and interview process and in completing the necessary onboarding steps after recruitment. Companies are also considering what systems can be put in place on a more permanent basis to facilitate a more agile approach to working. 

Staff Development 

Instead of annual performance reviews businesses are now encouraged to utilise more frequent feedback sessions including regular one to ones. Employees also have an expectation of structured learning and development opportunities and many companies are undertaking additional employee engagement activity to enhance the workplace experience. 

Further insights into successfully recruiting and retaining the right staff in the current market will be shared at our upcoming Grow your Practice Recruitment  event. 

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