Starting a new job at an accountancy firm remotely

Written by: Sinead Byrne, Senior Consultant at Morgan McKinley
Published on: 16 Jun 2020

Remotely starting a job with a new employer may seem daunting, but technology certainly makes it easier. Sinead Byrne, Senior Consultant at Morgan McKinley interviews a new starter in a Top 15 firm about their experience.  

As we are all aware, we are living through unprecedented times. Those who are able to, have now been working from home for the last month which has been something of a transition for many. Even more of an adjustment, however, is starting a new job without meeting your new colleagues in person, or going into the office, and starting with your new employer remotely. It's not a conventional start to a new job, but it is manageable in a way that it would not have been possible five years ago. 

The candidate below started their new job at the start of April as an Audit Senior position with a Top 15 firm, moving from an Audit & Accounts Senior with an independent London firm. 

How were you feeling in the 2 weeks before your start date? 

I was stressed, and unsure if I would be able to start, and what the process would look like. Despite the firm ensuring me that they were looking forward to me starting as agreed, the situation was changing fast, so I was not sure which direction it was going to go. 

How did you start with the firm on your first day?  

It was well organised. All of the equipment was couriered to me  in advance with the login details I need and I received an introduction of the person who would be contacting me on my first day. I had inductions and introductions over Skype as well as a video call to ‘meet’ my team. Everyone was welcoming and understanding. 

I met some colleagues in my first week and I keep meeting the rest as we work together. New technology and the ability to see colleagues on a video call makes it easier and less stressful than in the office! 

Did you follow the normal induction and training programme as you would have done in the office?  

As much as possible, yes. There are obvious things like using the equipment which is in the office, the ‘office’ procedures which are not relevant in the current situation, but the option to share screens made it easy to do the induction and training. 

How are you finding the transition to your new firm's way of working from a technical perspective?  

The fact that I moved from a small to a bigger firm makes a big difference due to different software and expertise, although it is difficult to say which solutions were already in place, and which needed to be implemented due to the situation. 

What has been your biggest challenge so far of starting with a new employer remotely?  

Working remotely  - it was easy to work from home one day here and there, but it’s a different story doing it daily. Finding a comfortable chair and another table, so my flatmate and I could work appropriately was challenging!  

Have there been any unexpected positives from your experience?  

Due to the situation, people are not rushing so much, so willing to take their time, personally and professionally.  

What are you looking forward to the most about joining the firm 'in person'?  

Despite the technology that we are lucky enough to have, it will be nice to meet all my colleagues and go for a drink! At the end of the day, any technology however sophisticated can’t replace human interaction or a chat in the kitchen with coffee.