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ICAEW guide to successful job search

Written by: Claire Brandon
Published on: 15 Dec 2015


Pic: Ketut Subiyanto, Pexels

Who are these podcasts for?

  • Any ICAEW member who is looking to move jobs or take the next step in their finance career.
  • The series will be particularly useful for members working at management or executive level.
  • Anyone wanting to pick up strategies and tools based on experience of what works in practice, not in theory.

Strategies and tools to get the job you want
In a highly competitive industry, such as accountancy, knowing how to write a CV and basic interview techniques are not enough to succeed in securing your dream job.

A sophisticated understanding of the job market, an appreciation of how your mindset impacts the roles you apply for and the ability to effectively network, both online and offline, are crucial skills, according to Career Codex  founder Simon Gray, FCA.

In a series of 10 podcasts, Gray and guest speakers from recruitment and the business world will explain their approach to a successful job search, giving you the tools to understand:

  • how the job market really works and how to position yourself to stand out;
  • how what you believe ultimately leads to your success or failure in the job market;
  • how to define the job you want and build a personal plan to deliver that opportunity; and
  • how to adapt your CV, interview technique, social media and professional networking in line with your new understanding of the job market.