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How to future proof your chartered accountancy career

future proof chartered accountancy career

Chartered accountancy, like many other accounting sectors is always evolving and changing due to technological advancements and economic trends, as well as the emergence of new sectors.

Figuring out the areas you need to future proof yourself from any major changes as a chartered accountant can be difficult. However, there are things that you can do to ensure that you stay ahead of the latest developments and technologies within chartered accountancy.

This article covers how to future proof your career as a qualified chartered accountant and how it can help you secure your dream job.

Put together a career plan and document it 

As a qualified chartered accountant, it’s likely that you will have put together a plan of your career direction. Having this document updated on a weekly basis can be useful when it comes to keeping a log of your career trajectory.

Companies you’d like to work for, networking contacts and information surrounding current industry trends and information are some things to include in your career plan. It’s important that you do your research around the direction you want to take as a chartered accountant, whether that’s being a specialist or generalist.

Once you’ve got an idea of your future career plan, you can start to develop your profile and enhance your reputation within the sector. Undertaking additional qualifications and courses is a great way to develop your skills, as well as help you to reach your chartered accountancy goals within a set amount of time.

Build and develop your network 

Building your network is essential for any qualified chartered accountant. It’s important that when you create a network, you take your time cultivating and maintaining it over time.

At ICAEW, we have a range of communities, faculties, local groups and societies, who will keep you informed about the latest developments not just in chartered accountancy, but within the wider finance sector.

A well-maintained network can be useful, particularly when it comes to finding your next job.

Stay up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies

The emergence of AI, new technologies and trends means that it’s more important than ever for chartered accountants to keep their skills and information up to date. Securing new qualifications, as well as developing new skills that can be implemented in your current job can help your organisation get an edge over your competitors. ICAEW has recently launched two specialist qualifications – a Data Analytics Certificate, which offers an Analyst or Management pathway, and the Sustainability Certificate which enables finance professionals to confidently partner with sustainability experts to identify climate-related risks and incorporate performance and financial metrics into risk management and financial planning.

Make sure that you clearly define your personal brand 

Once you’ve put together your career path, the next step is to create a personal brand. Having a brand that you can easily present to future employers; industry peers and clients can open many future opportunities for chartered accountants. Whether that’s through creating content for your website or social media or having a consistent online presence, this can help position you as an expert to your audience.

Future proof your career and secure your next job with ICAEW Jobs

For qualified chartered accountants, future proofing your career is essential. By staying abreast of new technologies, trends and developments, as well as having a clearly defined personal brand can put you one step ahead to securing your next chartered accountancy position.

We have structured learning solutions through the ICAEW Academy, which deliver world-leading content and helpful advice on the courses that are available to supercharge your career development.

Dreamed of landing that chartered accountant position you’ve wanted? ICAEW Jobs can assist in helping you make that dream become a reality. You can find out more about the latest careers advice and job opportunities on the ICAEW Jobs website today.