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5 reasons to use ICAEW Jobs

Written by: ICAEW
Published on: 1 Dec 2023

Young colleagues at work

The recruitment landscape is changing. For the past 18 months, the headline has been one of too many jobs and too few candidates. Now, according to Simon Gray, Head of Business at ICAEW, and a former recruitment specialist, the balance is shifting. “The story from our members has changed recently,” he says. “Over the past year or so, the big challenge across sectors has been around the identification and availability of skills, and the ability to recruit and retain staff. Now we’re seeing the market starting to cool slightly, in large part due to the wider economic pressures on businesses.

“Of course, what any employer wants is parity between the number of quality candidates and jobs. We’ve had a situation of too many jobs and too few candidates – and now it’s starting to go the other way.” Good news, then, for employers, with a growing pool of talent to choose from. As ever, though, the challenge is in finding the right talent with the right skills – and that’s where ICAEW Jobs comes in. More than just a jobs board, it is a bespoke, trusted service connecting employers with the best candidates. Here’s five reasons to try it.  

1  Prime candidates

ICAEW Jobs is exclusively available to chartered accountants, ensuring every application comes from a fully qualified candidate. Not only is the ACA a mark of technical skills, professional knowledge and practical experience, but also of the highest ethical standards. ICAEW membership is an assurance that all candidates are vetted, vouched for and fully up to date with CPD. “With most jobs boards, you have to wade through a lot of unsuitable applications to find the right person,” points out Simon. “With ICAEW Jobs, they’re all chartered accountants, so you know you’ve got a quality candidate. You might pick up the same person elsewhere – but they’re going to be a lot harder to find because of everybody else in the mix. This board contains only the prime candidates you’re looking for.”  

2  A trusted voice

For candidates, ICAEW Jobs is the natural starting point for their search, offering much more than just current vacancies. “As much as it’s a recruitment board, it’s also a member service in supporting their careers, giving them advice on how to take the next step, and how to get those jobs that are on the board,” explains Head of ICAEW Jobs, Helen Jones. Members have access to careers advice, along with a programme of webinars and events aimed at building professional skills such as communication and personal branding. “We’re a trusted voice,” says Simon. “We’re in a unique position to engage and support our members, and help them make those transitions throughout their careers.”

3  Powerful targeting

In addition to advertising on the ICAEW Jobs board, employers benefit from targeted job alert emails to reach the right talent. “Because our candidates are ICAEW members, we have a lot more information about them than a recruiter might – and they’ve given us permission to contact them,” explains Helen. “If an employer comes to us and says, ‘I’m looking for a newly qualified member who’s been in the profession less than 10 years, living in this location and working in this industry and role,’ we can then narrow it down and specifically target those people. That employer knows that everyone we’ve targeted is exactly what they’re looking for, and that every single one of them is going to be the type of candidate they want.”

A fortnightly Career Wire newsletter is sent to around 25,000 members who have actively registered their interest, targeted to business and practice and featuring relevant roles alongside careers advice. Jobs are also advertised through the main ICAEW LinkedIn account – which has 191,000 followers – as well as within dedicated Communities such as Manufacturing, Portfolio Careers and Women in Finance. “We’ve got a very targeted, very tailored way of reaching the right candidates,” says Helen.

4  Free advertising

All ICAEW member firms and Authorised Training Employers benefit from free standard advertising on the ICAEW Jobs board, as well as a 30% discount on other services such as targeted emails and premium posts. For non-members, rates are competitive, starting at £500 plus VAT for a standard advert and £750 for a premium advert. There are also separate boards with free advertising for volunteering opportunities (ICAEW Volunteers) and ACA trainee roles (ICAEW Training Vacancies). The technology is robust, too. “We moved to a new platform just over a year ago, and successfully launched online payments over the summer,” Helen explains. “The new platform works like a dream, so it’s really quick and easy for employers to upload their vacancies.”

5  Unrivalled reach

The numbers speak for themselves. ICAEW Jobs sees an average of 5,100 unique users each month, visiting around 30,600 pages including individual job listings and company profiles. The Career Wire newsletter has an average 28% open rate and 3% click to open rate (CTR) – compared with an industry average of 27% open rate and 2.4% CTR, as reported by Campaign Monitor. Targeted emails perform even better, with an average open rate of 45% and a CTR of 5%. “Of course, it’s not just about the numbers,” says Helen. “We’re offering a premium product. Our members are active, engaged and the high-quality candidates that employers are looking for.” The message is simple, agrees Simon: “The right candidates are here. We’ve got them, they trust us – so why go anywhere else?”