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Apply for the latest accountancy jobs at ICAEW jobs. We feature accountancy job listings suitable for both experienced and newly qualified accountants from organisations and recruitment agencies across the UK. You can browse accounting job roles across the spectrum of specialisms including:


Audit and assurance

As an audit and assurance specialist, you will be tasked with carrying out audits on a client's finances. This is usually done on-site with a team. When conducting audits, you'll pay close attention to the accuracy and honesty of clients records, along with any risks you may discover.


Business recovery and insolvency

Accountants specialising in business recovery and insolvency are usually required when a company is facing financial difficulties. The role of an accountant here is to assess and advise on corporate cashflow, with the aim of helping the business to continue to trade. If the company cannot, then the focus shifts to selling assets in order to satisfy creditors.


Corporate finance

Accountants who work in corporate finance are focussed on helping businesses to grow. This can be achieved through support during the initial launch phase right through to corporate acquisitions. In corporate finance, the focus is placed heavily on providing value to clients. The accountant is responsible for managing and allocating financial resources, particularly whn new business opportunities arise.


Financial accountant

As a financial accountant, you will be responsible for finance, accounting and management systems within a company. Liaising with key stakeholders and executives, you will advise on business direction from a financial standpoint.


Forensic accountant

Forensic accountants are specialist accountants that focus on investigating fraud and financial irregularities. Often working alongside lawyers, prosecutors and insurance companies, forensic accountants look beyond numbers and into the analysis of complex financial situations.


Fund accountant

In a fund accountant position, you will prepare accounts for investment funds, working closely with investment managers to ensure targets are met and compliance is maintained. Such accountants often specialise in areas such as hedge funds, non-profits or government bodies.


Group accountant

A group accountant tends to work in-house at the head office of a large organisation. The role encompasses responsibilities spanning the entire business and any subsidiaries. Duties of an experienced or newly-qualified accountant may include financial reporting, completing subsidiary accounts, maintaining company compliance and liaising with any external auditors.



Working in tax regulation is a complex area of accountancy that requires tax accountants to assist clients to ensure that they are meeting all legal requirements. Completing tax returns and advising on legislation are examples of day-to-day duties.



In a corporate treasury role, you could be responsible for any number of tasks. From general financial management to risk and strategic activities, a treasurer plays a key role in improving and maximising the financial position of a company.


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